Monday, February 25, 2008


Another busy weekend at the PTC, with Part 2 of the NCCP Triathlon Competition Coach certification taking place Saturday & Sunday, and our biggest Training Day (yet) on Sunday. I had the pleasure of working with 13 coaches who are working towards the New NCCP certification - great learning all around with lots of expertise brought to the table by all in attendance.

On Sunday, we had 33 athletes attending the OAT Training Day, including a few new faces from the Windsor area. Watch out for the Ontario crew this season - the athletes are creating a great training environment, and with improvements across the board, we're going to see great performances in the summer. Thanks to coaches Dan McKerrall, Paul Johnston and Alan Fairweather for leading the sessions, and a special thanks to the coaches-in-training for covering the bike and run workouts for the youth group - great job all around.

Next Training Day at Guelph: Sunday April 6th.

Erin Champion (blue & white jersey), Sasha Boulton (pink jersey) and the rest of the crew on the trainers.


Sasha said...

Sunday was great!!! Running was hard but fun. :)

CoachCT said...

Hi Sasha B. glad you liked it. hopefully we'll see you April 6th. CT