Wednesday, April 16, 2008


One of the discussions we had last Saturday at the coaching seminar centered on the topic of coaching resources. Specifically, with all of the noise and marketing out there, which resources are genuinely valuable to coaches and athletes? A short list:

Triathlon New Zealand has a lot of info on a variety of topics related to coaching and youth development, including this manual for establishing a youth program.

Alan Couzens has a good blog which primarily considers long course training and racing. It's based on sound science, and presented in a way that's easy to understand.

The Science of Sport is a good active blog, written by two exercise physiologists from South Africa. It covers a wide range of topics - look for the series on hydration.

Athletics Canada has a good site with lots of resources and links on a variety of topics. In addition to articles, they also have a series of interviews with top coaches and experts. The interviews are free to download, and well worth a visit.

The British Milers Club is one of the premier athletics organizations in the UK, and they publish a quarterly magazine packed with solid articles. You need to buy an international membership to see the most recent editions, but you can read all editions up to 2005 for free.

If you have resources you want to add to the list, leave a comment.

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