Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Quick reminder of two seminars this weekend. OAT is hosting a coaching seminar on Saturday, open to all coaches and athletes.

The Ontario Modern Pentathlon Association is hosting a run and swim clinic (for coaches) in Waterloo, on Saturday and Sunday. Registration is free, details below, from an e-mail from OMPA:

The Ontario Modern Pentathlon Association is hosting a running clinic for running and swimming coaches. I have just had 4 spots open up and would like to extend the invite to yourselves or someone you think could take this information into their coaching program (for example, one of your athletes who is coaching in their community).

This is a free clinic thanks to a funding grant.

Beacuse of the short notice, the invite is for either day or both.

You are our target audience because running and swimming are the core sports of Modern Pentathlon (running, swimming, air pistol shooting, epee fencing and equestrian riding)

The clinic will cover the training techniques, running styles and injury prevention of the developing athlete. An agenda is attached and speaker bios are below.

April 12-13 in Waterloo, 9am-5pm
Please contact Clare Illingworth, OMPA President for more information at
We will have a group of 15 or less for this exciting and hands-on workshop. Don't pass up the opportunity to bring more to your coaching routine.

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Robert Taylor - Dr Robert Taylor is one of the world's leaders in bio mechanics and injury assessment doctors, based in London and lecturing at clinics, universities and conferences across North America. His run clinics are guaranteed to improve your times and more importantly reduce your injury.

Bob Knuckey – National Duathlon Champion Bob Knuckey has been a high performance runner and coach to athletes of all ages and levels. He has also worked with developing pentathletes and triathletes on running techniques and training plans.

Robin McGlip - Past National Triathlon Team member Robin McGlip is a highly respected core strength and high performance coach who works with Olympic Coach Barrie Shepley on developing athlete performances through core exercises to enhance athletic performance. His session will include both a seminar, and practical exercises to enhance explosive power (for swim, run, lunging during fencing) as well as core strength for injury prevention.

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