Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Junior Races at the Pan American Triathlon Championships (PATCO) are finished. I'll probably have to edit/revise this post as I get more info, but here are the basics:

- swim start delayed 45mins due to rough surf
- swim seed based on alphabetical order (last name)
- bike crash out of T1 in the Jr Mens race took down approx half of the pack of 20, creating a front pack of ~10


1. Sarah-Anne Brault CAN
2. Ruth Gris* MEX
3. Kyla Coates CAN
4. Christine Ridenour CAN
5. Marina Saucedo MEX
6. Alexandra Coates CAN
7. Rachael Edwards CAN
8. Lauren Goldstein-K USA
9. Stacy Hague USA
10. Anahi Amado GUA

(EDIT: Marianne Hogan CAN did race, and may have finished 3rd in the Junior Womens' race - waiting for confirmation - moving Kyla Coates et al. down one spot. That would mean 6 Canadian athletes in the top 8.)

*if you attended the 2007 OAT Junior Camp in Collingwood, you trained with Ruth


1. Rodrigo Gonzalez MEX
2. Willy Pickhardt USA
3. Carlos Fischer VEN
4. Andres Cabascango ECU
5. Abraham Castellanos MEX
6. Francois Hogan CAN
7. Isai Garcia VEN
8. Villalta Darwin VEN
9. Cuahutemoc Martinez MEX
10. Jason Wilson* BAR

Strong racing by the MEX and VEN teams

* Jason Wilson trained last summer with the C3 club

More Canadian results:

12. Connor Hammond CAN
13. Matt Vierula CAN
14. Marc-Antoine Christin CAN
22. Ryan Ditchfield CAN
24. Yanik Leduc CAN
25. Cole Stewart CAN
30. Jean-Sebastien D. CAN
31. Jeff Phillips CAN

Full results here.

Canada earns 3 spots for the Junior Mens' and Womens' Teams at Worlds (for every athlete who finishes in the top 15, we earn a spot, to a maximum of 3).

Choosing the Worlds Teams will be interesting. Congrats to all athletes on their performances at PATCO.

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Marc-Antoine Christin is the real deal!