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Grab a coffee and take a seat. If you're going to follow all of these links, it's going to take a while.

The PATCO results still aren't updated - maybe they won't be fixed afterall. In the previous post I forgot to note that Alicia Kaye finished 5th at PATCO, after launching a two-woman breakaway on the bike with eventual winner Jillian Petersen (USA). Nice job Alicia - so much for the bike not mattering in draft-legal events.

Closer to home, there was lots of swimming here in Ontario over the weekend with Team Champs. As a group, the Ontario youth and junior triathletes have made great strides this season with their swimming. A quick, and likely incomplete, list of triathletes who set PBs this weekend (at least, I'm pretty sure they were PBs):

Mark Bechtel
Andrew Elliott
Austen Forbes
Taylor Forbes
David Hopton
Jeremy Leite
David Mackie
Erin MacFadyen
Derek Quick
John E Rasmussen
Sarah Rasmussen

Congrats to all athletes, and to their coaches. If I've missed anyone (I'm sure I have) just let me know.

Karsten Madsen takes 3rd overall and 1st in his age group at the Paris-Ancaster cyclocross race, despite a crash and some wrong turns.

There's more racing coming up this weekend:

The third ITU World Cup of 2008 takes place in the Tonyeong South Korea, and Canada is fielding a strong team with Lauren Groves, Kirsten Sweetland, Paul Tichelaar, Brent McMahon and Kyle Jones. I'm not predicting live video coverage this time, but you can follow the race here.

There is also a big race non-drafting race in the US this weekend. The St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida, has a strong pro field, including Guelph's very own Dave Sharratt from the C3 team.


Tyler Bredschneider has had a bit of a setback due to complications related to his recent heart surgery. He's going to be fine, but his recovery might take longer than originally thought. Visit his blog, and send him a "get well soon" message to speed his recovery. Remember that a positive environment may speed recovery, and stressful environments definitely slow recovery.

OAT hosted a "Long Course 101" camp at the University of Guelph last weekend. Coaches Kevin Mackinnon and Greg Pace put on a great camp for the 6 athletes in attendance. I was on hand to evaluate both coaches for their NCCP Competition Coach Certification (they passed with flying colours), and learned a lot from these experienced and successful coaches. Aside from the great coach:athlete ratio, the highlight of the weekend might have been the visit by Ironman Legend Lisa Bentley who spent an hour with the group talking about her training and racing. (I bet there's a few people out there kicking themselves for missing that opportunity)

Finally, the most important news of all, Scotty Dagnall has updated his blog. I know you were all waiting for that one. Maybe Dorelle can lend him a dictionary.

Here endeth the post; my fingers are tired. Train smart, and enjoy the great weather.

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