Monday, April 7, 2008


Another busy weekend, with the second ITU World Cup in New Zealand, and another OAT Training Day at the PTC with a good group of youth and junior athletes. We started with a bit of core and a solid swim, including some open water prep. There were some moves in the open water sim that would have made a football coach proud. After the swim we hit the roads (finally) for some big gear work and/or drills, and finished up with a good run session. I shot some random footage of the swim and bike, but our run training is secret, so I can't post that. The video was edited in under 30mins (29:49 - beat that Ian Donald), a new record, and it shows. Thanks to Alan Fairweather, Dan Mckerral, Lee Hart, Mischelle Stevens and Lorri Zagar for their coaching expertise.


Colin said...

Going around those buoys looks almost as bad as a World Cup. Thanks for the laugh!

idon said...

you better send me some running footage, i don't like being on the outside, craig!