Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Over the past few years, I've been involved in facilitating and evaluating the New NCCP Competition Coach certification for Triathlon. Invariably, we get get into great discussions about a wide range of things, but we have less time than we would like to cover some of these topics. We usually end up saying "we should put together a supplementary seminar to cover stuff like this", and we finally have.

OAT is hosting a one day Coaching Seminar, Saturday April 12th, at the Sport Alliance of Ontario building in Toronto. Full details are here. It will be cheap ($10 for certified coaches or coaches-in-training, $25 for everyone else), with something for everyone. If there is interest in this sort of thing, we'll try to make it a semi-annual project. With a bit of work, we can grow this into a regular feature on OAT's calendar and further the development of our coaches and athletes. If you have feedback, comments, or suggestions for seminar topics, leave a comment on this post, or e-mail me. If you would like to present on a topic, or you know someone (local) who you think would make a great presenter, let me know, and we'll see if we can make it work.

Coach Jay Johnson displaying ultra-secret coaching motivation tools.

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