Friday, March 28, 2008


A quick post before I travel to Thunder Bay to work with some coaches this weekend. The World Cup season kicks off this weekend with the Mooloolaba World Cup in Australia. The ITU does a great job with it's live TriCasts, so you can watch the entire race in real time (Barrie Shepley is the commentator) on the ITU Website. The countdown timer on the top blue border will tell you when the race starts.

Colin Jenkins has a video of a piece that a local nightly news program did on the the international triathletes in town for the World Cup. Colin, Kyle Jones and Paul Tichelaar are featured in the piece; all three are former Jr National Champions, and were once supported by a project called "triathlonschool". Triathlonschool was started in 2005 by Simon Whitfield, Jasper Blake, and Stefan Timms, with the goal of pulling together resources to keep our best young talent in the sport long enough for them to make the jump to the National Team. The managed to pull together some equipment (bikes, wheels, suits, etc.), housing support, and a bit of cash for travel from sponsors like North American Sports. By 2006, Tich had moved on to other sponsors (living in Edmonton), and the team consisted of Kyle, Colin, Simon and Jasper. Over time, the athletes improved enough to obtain carding and/or receive support from TriCan, and triathlonschool was put on hold; job done. The program certainly wasn't the only thing that got the guys to this point - they've had great coaching, they work hard, and they have support from friends and family. Still, every little bit helps, and I was reminded of the team when I saw them together in the video. How many pros (in any sport) put that much time and effort into helping the next generation succeed?

2006 Triathlonschool Team

Colin, Kyle and Tich aren't the only Canadian athletes in Mooloolaba this weekend. Brent McMahon (former Jr National Champion and 2004 Olympian) will also be competing. In the womens' race, Ontario's Ayesha Rollinson and Alberta's Carolyn Murray will be racing.

Best of luck to all athletes. To everyone else, visit the ITU website and watch the race if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Go Canada!

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