Monday, March 24, 2008


The next OAT Training Day at the Provincial Triathlon Centre (University of Guelph), will be Sunday, April 6th.

FORMAT: Swim, Bike, Run and Core work

START: Check in 7:45am, UofG Athletic Centre

COACHES: Alan Fairweather, Dan Mckerral, Lee Hart, Mischelle Stevens, Craig Taylor

REGISTER: E-mail Craig Taylor to confirm spot

FEE: $20, or free for targeted athletes who are Canada Games eligible


Parents are encouraged to work out too! E-mail Craig Taylor if you are interested. Parents will swim at the same time as the youth/junior athletes in their own lane with an assigned coach, and will bike and run separate from the youth/junior athletes.

Athletes who have attended previous Training Days or Swim Camps do not need to complete additional registration forms.

New athletes are welcome at the Training Day (age 12-19), and can obtain the registration material from me via e-mail.

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own bike trainer. If athletes do not have access to a bike trainer, please indicate in your e-mail that you would like to reserve one of our trainers, but remember that we have a limited number, and we reserve them on a first-come-first-served basis.

Expect to ride inside, but bring outdoor riding gear. If the weather is good, we may be able to run some cycling drill sessions in the parking lot.

Similar to last time, we'll open the doors of the Athletic Centre at 7:45am, and we'll be in the pool by 8:15am. We typically complete training by ~2:30pm, so bring enough fluids and food to get you through the day. Athletes will need swim gear (goggles, cap, towel), clothing for indoor cycling, and clothing for indoor and outdoor running.

Directions to the University of Guelph are available on the right hand side of the blog under "DIRECTIONS TO UofG".

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