Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We've had a good start to the camp, adapting to the heat and the dry climate (apologies to everyone stuck in the snow). We rode up Mt Lemmon for 75' on Saturday, with some pretty spectacular blow-ups in the boys group (see Alexander's "I'm gonna champ it" approach in the previous post). The athletes made it up to 12-14 miles (it's 25 miles to Summerhaven at the top, with most of the climbing complete by 22 miles), with NTC athlete Kerry Spearing dropping off of the lead group at 5 miles, and slicing through the remains of the group at 13 miles. A good lesson in pacing was learned by all.

Swims have been good but not great, and running has been a challenge - we seem to end up on tough terrain with major elevation changes, and rocky terrain.

With a recovery day on Monday, we are set up for great training through the rest of the week.

A quick summary of Day 2, 3 & 4:

8:30AM: 2.5hr ride, with 75' climbing up Mt Lemmon (to Mile 12-14 for group)
11:00AM: 30' run off bike for PATCO athletes
3:30PM: 60' Heat Protocol for PATCO athletes
3:30PM: 45-60' Trail Run for everyone else

8:30AM: 60-80' long run to Seven Falls Canyon with Quebec squad
12:30PM: OYO Swim at Udall (25yds) MS:8/6/4 x 100 on 1:30 aerobic
3:30PM: 60' Heat Protocol for PATCO athletes
3:30PM: 60' Recovery Ride for everyone else

7:00AM: 3.5k recovery/drill swim at Fort Lowell (50m long course)
PM: Downtown visit with Stefan and Linda

Other news:
- 5 athletes have fallen in the trails (John fell twice)....we're still looking for that flat trail in the National Park, but it may not exist (Ang's note: a few cuts and scrapes, but everyone is ok)
- approximately 57 episodes of 'Friends' have been watched
- allowing the boys to run together is a sure fire way to make sure a base run turns into a tempo run
- all athletes have prepared a dinner (and washed dishes)....meals have included: Fajitas, Chicken Parmesian (Ang's note: top notch), Omlettes and Spinach & Orange salad
- athletes are planning a 'dinner party' tomorrow night
- Alexandra Timms, age 5 months, has learned how to roll from her back to her front
- Dorelle was photographed for Triathlete Magazine during Saturday's run - probably after she fell and was covered in bruises, scrapes and a bit of blood
- Pro-Triathletes sighted so far: Peter Reid, Sam McGlone, Kathy Tremblay, David-James Tache
- Stefan Timms is a legend, coaching all bike and run workouts by biking and running the sessions with the atheltes
- Nick McGraw won Settlers of Catan in his first game (edit: Matt Vierula took the rookie win, Nick McGraw had played before, but was no match for the dreaded Longest Road/Victory Point finishing move off Vierula)

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