Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Canada's Juniors are first up to the start line tomorrow, with the women at 7am, and the men at 9am (Pacific Daylight Time). ITU preview here. There's no mention of live coverage, but results should be up shortly after the race. Best of luck to Team Canada - racing on home turf should provide them with an extra boost, and we have a strong team.

Back in Ontario, the PTC now has a kayak - essential for open water workouts. Our new 12ft "Clearwater Muskoka" was on Guelph Lake this morning. It's a nice little kayak, but not as stable as the larger 14ft Necky Kayaks used in Victoria. We're taking bets on what will happen first: CT falls out of kayak (it almost happened twice this morning), or Tom swims in to kayak (he swam headlong into a buoy this morning). Leave your vote in the comments.

Go Canada!

EDIT: It looks like a live feed will be available here.


Daniel Wells said...

I'll vote for CT falling out :)

CoachCT said...

I can always count on Dano

Myles said...

I say ct falls in first and i want to see the video on the blog.

Loaring said...

Coach CT is a Champion. His paddle broke a few days ago on one end--and that still didn't prevent him from offering kayak support in choppy conditions. Only through incredible focus and agility, did he remain afloat.