Monday, June 23, 2008


Sunday marked the first tris of the year for Dorelle, Ian and Alexander. Also joining them were Matt Vieurla, Joanna Brown and Lindsey Anderson. They met in Smith Falls for a 500m swim, 26k bike, and 4.7k run (aka a biker's sprint). The six of them were put in to the challenge wave with other local vets including Zone3 IronMan athletes Rick Hellard and Ryan Cain.

Dorelle led out of the swim, nearly 20 seconds ahead of Alexander and Ian, who pulled up 2,3. Matt Vierula followed closely behind, opting not to wear a wetsuit. His transition was lightning fast due to this last statement, and he rolled out of T1 ahead of Ian and Alexander (who will now be practising his transitions daily, apparently).

Matt took off on the bike, quickly catching Dorelle and gaping the rest of the field. Many strong cyclists began dropping Donald like he was standing still. His chain was rubbing intensley, but it is still no excuse for the 90 seconds Alexander had on him during this portion and the 4 ladies that passed him before T2. Ew. Maybe more than 35 total outdoor kilometres is necessary to compete.

Into T2, Ian dropped his bike and took off like a madman. He managed a 15:22, 37 seconds ahead of the 2nd fastest run. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, as Alexander held him off easily. Matt took 2nd, Alexander 6th and Ian 9th in the men's race. Dorelle and Lindsey both medalled as well, 2nd and 3rd respectively, and Joanna was 6th. 19 days 'till Gatineau.


dorelle said...

passing ian donald on the bike is a triathlon moment that will never be forgotten.

CoachCT said...

Thanks for the report Ian. Nice racing by everyone.