Tuesday, June 3, 2008


If you were watching CBC's coverage of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night, you might have missed this story. (Un)fortunately, I was watching the NBC feed, and saw Pierre McGuire report that Petr Sykora had just predicted he would score the winning goal. He called his shot part way through the 2nd overtime - a pretty confident prediction from a struggling player on the verge of elimination. But he delivered in the 3rd OT, keeping the Pens' hopes alive.

You gotta love the athletes who want the ball/puck/opportunity in pressure situations. True competitors.

Full article here.

On a related note, maybe Detroit should lose it's designation as 'Hockeytown'. The Detroit Free Press reported that Todd Gill, who retired in 2003, was on the ice last night:

"• That was pretty scary when the Penguins' Ryan Malone took a Todd Gill slap shot in the face and left the ice with his nose spewing blood. Hey, that's network TV. CBS has Kimbo Slice for blood, NBC counters with hockey."

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