Tuesday, June 17, 2008


By Wayne Goldsmith

You read right - improve your coaching by NOT coaching.

Coaching improves performance. But too much coaching - over coaching - can have a negative influence on performance. Who OVER coaches?

Typically five types of coaches OVER coach:

  • Young, inexperienced coaches who are trying too hard;
  • Coaches who lack real belief in themselves and who try to make up for it by giving too much information. These coaches will often want to be liked - and feel the more coaching they do, the more the athletes will like them;
  • Coaches who lack belief in their athletes and feel the need to control every element of preparation and performance;
  • Coaches who are being evaluated or assessed and aim to impress by being SEEN to control every element of the training session, i.e. they believe that great coaching is talking more;
  • EGO driven coaches who see athletes / players as a vehicle to promote themselves and their reputations.

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