Monday, August 11, 2008


I'll be in Kelowna this week for Nationals, to support any/all Ontario junior athletes. I'm also available to support the Ontario elites, although I would suggest that the workouts (below) all move forward one day, to line up properly with the Sunday race (feel free to attend the sessions at the scheduled times, and we can adjust the set).

Athletes are welcome to attend some or all the sessions; please consult with your coach to choose the sessions that are right for you. I will also be on site both Saturday and Sunday to support athletes as needed. 

The schedule is below, and I've also included three important links: 

Please refer to the Kelowna Apple Triathlon Website for scheduling info, maps, etc.

If you would rather swim some of your workouts in a pool, here is a link to the closest pool.

If you need transportation from the airport to your hotel or homestay, the Kelowna Shuttle is one option. They run a van service. You can call ahead (toll free:1-877-235-6962, local: 250-765-0182) or find their kiosk when you arrive. One way travel for one person is $19 for most hotels (more for longer distance) and bike boxes are an additional $3. If there are two people traveling, the one-way fee is $11.50 per person + $3 per bike. Rates are reduced further as more passengers (to the same destination) are added.

PM OYO (On Your Own) BIKE easy 30' spin to loosen up after travel

9:30AM Meet at Swim Course. Open Water.
WU: 750mix
MS1: 12x50 (1 blast, 1 easy)
MS2: 8x100 Mid Race Pace @ 2:00
CD: 750mix

10:45AM Meet at Dolphins Fountain
BIKE Easy 45' spin on bike course

4:00PM Meet at Dolphins Fountain
RUN 35' (15' easy, 5x(1' tempo/1'easy), 10' easy)

9:30AM Meet at Swim Course. Open Water
SWIM easy open water cruise, 2k aerobic


9:30AM Meet at Swim Course. Open Water.
WU: 1 Loop course mix
MS: 4-6 beach starts + 10 strokes fast/20strokes easy
CD: 1 Loop easy

4:00PM Meet at Dolphin Fountain
RUN 30' (15' jog, drills + strides, 5' easy jog) 
OR BIKE 30' (10-15' easy, 3-4 x 0:20" with full recovery, 5' easy)

5:00PM Junior Pre-Race Meeting: Prospera Place Arena. 
Race kit pick-up after meeting.


8:15AM Easy Ride to race site
8:30AM Arrive and set up Transition
8:55AM Body marking
9:05AM Swim warm-up (500-750 easy + 3-4 starts)

9:00AM Easy Ride to race site
9:15AM Arrive and set up Transition
9:40AM Body Marking
9:50AM Swim warm-up (500-750 easy + 3-4 starts)


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