Sunday, August 3, 2008


Results are already up here. Quick notes: steady rain prior to women's race, 18 degrees, overcast and windy for both races, with roads drying through the day. Women started at 9:30am, men at 10:30am; 1 loop swim, 3 loop bike, 5 loop run. Some great tough racing by many athletes. In the womens' race, a lead pack of ~6 athletes came into T2 together, with a footrace to determine the podium. In the mens' race, the lead pack of 4 athletes came into T2 with a ~35 sec lead, and Ian Donald ran up from the second group to finish in 3rd. 


1. Sarah-Anne Brault (MB)
2. Rachael Edwards (SK)
3. Christine Ridenour (BC)
4. Dorelle Hinton (ON)
5. Rebecca Staynor (BC)

1. Jeff Phillips (BC)
2. Matt Sharpe (BC)
3. Ian Donald (ON)
4. Connor Hammond (ON)
5. Aaron Thomas (BC)


Domi Jamnicky touched a wheel in front of her and crashed - she has some road rash, but she's fine and in good spirits. Travis Goron had a flat on his front wheel causing him to crash - he has minor scrapes, but no major road rash. John Rasmussen slipped in T1, falling onto his back, bruising his low back on his bike pedal. He recovered to finish the race, but his injury definitely hindered his running. All Ontario athletes are safe and in one piece. There were a few other crashes, but from what I hear, no serious injuries.