Friday, August 1, 2008


We arrived last night Summerside, PEI after a 13hr drive from Ottawa, complete with a van full of gear, 6 teenagers, and lots of help.  Thanks to Peggy Reid and Ken Madsen for helping us get some of the bikes to PEI, and thanks to Vlad Jamnicky for the extra bungie cords.  A huge thanks to Anne and Mike Donald for the homestay (they fed and housed all 5 juniors), the Jack Lallane juicer experience, the cooler full of food, and the cargo carrier for the roof!  I think I'll include a stop at the Donald house for all future road trips.

We race Sunday, in the 3rd Junior Series race of the year.  This is also the test event for the 2009 Canada Games, so athletes from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Martimes are all here to get a preview of the course.  Today we'll do 3 short aerobic workouts (S/B/R) just to work out the kinks from travel, and tomorrow we'll do some activation (ie. short & fast) to be ready for racing on Sunday.

Not to be outdone, Adrian and Tom will be racing in Owen Sound on Monday, and James will race the Windsor Tri a week later, in the final races before Kelowna. 

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Senior said...

Glad to hear everyone arrived safely. Many thanks to the Donald's and to Craig for daring to travel with that many teenagers. Hope everyone has a great race.