Friday, August 1, 2008


National level races are always a great opportunity to connect with some of the great coaches and athletes from across the country. Since I missed the Pinawa and Gatineau junior races, I was really looking forward to this race for the chance to see everyone (and to listen to Angela "state the facts" for the entire 13hr drive).  We've split the athletes into two big groups ("The Western Provinces" and "Ontario") for training sessions. Coaches Patrick Kelly (BC), Gary Pallett (MB) and RossAnn Edwards (SK) are the Western coaches, and Greg Kealey and I are supporting the Ontario crew.  Today at the pool, the western athletes were leaving while we were arriving.  Barb Sharpe took this great picture (below) of most of the athletes, complete with a classic PEI house in the background.  Between the junior mens' and women's races, there are 56 athletes competing on Sunday.

I also ran into the BC Junior boys in the parking lot, for the first time since Brampton Jr Nationals last year. The warm welcome I received from JP, Sharpie, Lowell and Aaron looked a lot like the treatment the Masked Marauder dished out to coach PK on the pool deck.  I've gotta' get me one of those Mexican wrestling masks......

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